Salma Hayek: scenes topless

Salma Hayek, U.S. actress from Mexican origin, become famous for asking for a window plus Dio, and it also received unexpectedly. I show you the result of that prayer.


Whether you believe in God or not, irrelevant. But this story is incredible! Fact makes no mystery Salma Hayek, the famous actress from Mexican which has repeatedly explained the curious origins of his thriving Decollette.

Fact it seems that Salma has prayed along the upper echelons of the Sky, to have Breast plus, that faces a woman and feel more confident if, and in less than no time, here comes the late development for actress, swears not to be resorted to the knife to increase its neckline.

Here are some pictures that depict Salma Hayek in topless, immortalized by a sequence of a film whose name escapes me of the title, but no matter, what matters is to note the miracle against Salma Hayek which now can boast within generous, that will certainly more than happy to actress also all his fans.

Ps. The title of the film: Ask the dust

Salma-Hayek-topless Salma-Hayek-topless2 Salma-Hayek-topless3 Salma-Hayek-topless4 Salma-Hayek-topless5 Salma-Hayek-topless6 Salma-Hayek-topless7 Salma-Hayek-naked Salma-Hayek-naked2 Salma-Hayek-naked3

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