Oops! Violante Placido topless in bikinis

The actress chosen for someone impersonating Moana big screen, Violante Placido, has been sighted at the end of the summer off Giannutri, where he unwittingly ended up showing your breasts in a topless involuntary.


Photographed from the boat back with her boyfriend, Violante Placido, was promptly immortalta by photographers while loses bra bikini, ending with the paparazzi show his beautiful topless.

A stunning topless, worthy of the famous porn star Moana Pozzi disappearance, Indeed you're shooting the film in which Violante Placido lends the face and body to interpret. From these Sexy pictures seems Violante Placido is well placed to do better!

Violante-Placido-topless Violante-Placido-topless2 Violante-Placido-topless3

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