Pictures of Cristina Del Basso topless

Millions of Italians, waited weeks, he finished the last edition of Big Brother, to whether Cristina Del Basso, the plus of reality, was going to make a calendar. The answer is yes!


Finally, after weeks, even months of waiting, here come the schedule unveiled a protagonist of’last edition of Big Brother. That of plus Cristina Del Basso, thanks to its sixth breast size, repeatedly praised during the Reality, has been able to take millions of viewers glued to telvisore.

Here are the first images to preview the calendar unveiled by Cristina, where you can admire for the first time l’abundance of her topless, to the delight of his fans. With these premises, can bet that Cristina's calendar for Panorama, published by RTI. and Mondadori, will literally steals.

cristina-del-basso-calendario cristina-backstage-calendario1 cristina-del-basso-nuda2 cristina-del-basso3 cristina-grande-fratello4 cristina-sexy5 del-basso6 cristina-vestito7

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