More photos of hot Patrizia D'Addario for Interviu

Searching with Google I managed to find some nice sexy shot of Patrizia D'Addario, The Mistress of the Web's most popular.


Enjoy these images from backstage of the photoshoot of Patrizia D'Addario for the Spanish magazine Interviú, where escort Italian bares his breast remaining in topless, not forgetting some nice glimpse of his B side, readily immortalized by lucky paparazzo who managed to evade security measures of the organizers.

Patrizia_Daddario-sexy3 Patrizia_Daddario-sexy Patrizia_Daddario-sexy2 Patrizia_Daddario-sexy4 Patrizia_Daddario-sexy5 Patrizia_Daddario-sexy6 Patrizia_Daddario-sexy7 Patrizia_Daddario-sexy8

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