Giusy Ferreri hot photos

I confess that I was undecided until the last to publish these pictures scandal Giusy Ferreri, but in the end after a winter break and the arrival of the new year I decided to devote an article to the splendid former winner of the X-Factor.


In this post, after careful reflection I have decided to publish theMAGES hot Giusy Ferreri, the singer revelation last year that has triumphed in X-Factor marking a record sales with his debut album.

Am not sure the missing Scandals in the bright and brilliant career Giusy Ferreri, first to the provocative shots which shows lingerie and poses rather compromising, but especially on the Internet for the appearance of a mysterious video scandal, Giusy Ferreri amateur portray sex in some sequences, Oral.

On the video hangs an aura of mystery, in what seems to have been published by an ex boyfriend Giusy, as indicated by the words at the beginning and end of the short FREE STUFF lasts approximately 30 seconds. I decided not to publish the entire video scandal, but to censor it in part.

I took the trouble of watching the movie (understand that fatigue!) and after careful censorship of the most scabrous (a nice job of c @ ZZO….) I decided to publish the images captured by video scandal concerned, so everyone can judge who the real hero.

The video seems natural Amateur, However, despite the main character looks like Giusy Ferreri, For me she is not.

I will post pictures… Judge for yourself!


As noted in comments to this post, by the group of fans Giusy Ferreri, the famous amateur video circulated last year on the WEB has nothing to do with the talented Giusy ferreri, which has repeatedly denied (rightly) to be the star of this video.

In a nutshell NOT’ Giusy Ferreri !!

giusy-ferreri-video-hard1 giusy-ferreri-video-hard2 giusy-ferreri-video-hard3 giusy-ferreri-video-hard4 giusy-ferreri-video-hard5 giusy-ferreri-video-hard6 giusy-ferreri-video-hard7 giusyferreri1 giusyferreri2

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5 Responses to “Giusy Ferreri hot photos”

  1. rhhfh says:

    See this link and you'll see that everything is fake.

  2. True says:

    The hot video is a montage!
    That woman is not Giusy Ferreri.
    Pure libel, malice and envy.

    To remove any doubt, Read here:

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for reporting! In fact we had no doubts that it was a fake. The video from which I drew the screen was very short (30 seconds) and low quality, but at the reported video, you will understand that it is not in Giusy Ferreri “clothes” the protagonist.
    Thanks :)

  4. I post my nude photos and some videos

  5. if I can help as do?

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