Belen Rodriguez scandal

Back to do the good news Belen Rodriguez that, In this video we can enjoy while you alter dramatically against a police officer in Milan, guilty of fined the beautiful showgirl Argentina for having parked his Ferrari in no-parking.


Who's going with the lame learns a sage would limp, and in fact better Belen Rodriguez by dint of being with Fabrizio Corona must have learned the typical habits.

In this video we are able to admire the beautiful showgirl anger against a patrol cops, whose only fault was to Belen fine for having parked his expensive Ferrari no parking in one of the busiest streets of Milan.

Sign esterefatti rather see this change of personality towards one of the most popular and beloved television showgirl from the Italian public that, this vidoe seems even another person.

Even worse before getting in the apartment of Fabrizio Corona, Belen approaching a brigade, hitting him with a pat.

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    belen six very good six incatevole

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